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Select a one-page website template.

A single page website can include any basic portfolio content. It can include contact info, social links, image features and info about your business, service or organization. All of these site templates are customizable to reflect your branding, your content, imagery and link destinations.

  • Photography showcase
  • Band website
  • Employment portfolio
  • Group organization page
  • Event page
  • Landing page
  • Crafts or hobby showcase
  • Baby, wedding, family site
  • Small business website

2.) Photographic Feature #2

3.) Social Links Portfolio

4.) Portfolio of work featured

5.) One page scroll Style #1

6.) One page scroll Style #2

7.) Single page - interactive portfolio

8.) One-page scroll template, versatile style and design choices

9.) Single page scroll with a lot of content

Select a multi-page website template.

The multi paged site will require more content. Any separate page design can be combined with any other, including the one page template examples.

  • Business website
  • Blogger website

10.) Multi-page, simple #1

11.) Multi-page, Moderate content

12.) Multi-page, Moderate content

13.) Blog site Style#1

14.) Content Heavy, Multi-page

15.) Content Heavy, Multi-page

16.) Blog Site Style#2

17.) Multi-page, Moderate content

Select an eCommerce solution.

eCommerce is a site that will include product listings and purchasing functionality. This option may incur additional charges.

  • Online store

18.) Magento eCommerce platform with admin interface